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Patti Borden

About the Artist

Patti Borden abstract nonobjective nonrepresentational acrylic painting

Abstract 3

Patti Borden’s paintings express her strong emotional response to color. She has been

Patti Borden abstract art, non-representative art, artist of the sierra nevada foothills, California artist, sonora artist


creating art and studying art all her life. She has won awards for her work in watercolor and ceramics and designed and created stained glass installations for corporate and private clients.

Patti moved to the Sierra foothills 16 years ago and found time to focus more fully on painting. In her abstract and contemporary images she challenges the viewer with her color choices and with her unique style of playing with paint.

Patti Borden abstract non-objective non-representational acrylic color block painting

In Too Deep, 18×18, $325

“My preference is to express myself through color. While all the elements of design play a role in my abstract and contemporary paintings, I usually start and end with color.”

Best of all, Patti is enjoying the process of creativity. “I listen to Cajun music while I paint. I dance and sing and paint upside down, not me, the canvas!”

Cajun Fest, Patti Borden, Sonora abstract artist

Cajun Fest

Her work is currently on display at The Ventana/Annex Galleries in Sonora, California.

Patti Borden pastel colored abstract non-objective non-representational acrylic painting

Veiled Thoughts, 48×48, $1200

You can also view Patti’s artwork on her website:

Summer on Saturn, Patti Borden, abstract art, Sonora, CA

Summer on Saturn

Cosmic Soup, Patti Borden, abstract artist, Sonora

Cosmic Soup

Patti Borden abstract acrylic painting non-objective non-representational

Copper Cove