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Nancy Oudegeest

Art has always been a part of my life as I was lucky enough to have a father who is an artist.  Since the mid 70’s I have been working with glass, working with cool glass, stained glass, and then later moving into warm glass and fused glass.  From the first I was hooked.  I am fascinated with the effect of light coming through the glass and the way the colors play against one another.  In my stained glass work I embraced the rich, dark outline of each shape that created a strong design and life of its own in every piece.

With fused glass I have found a freedom to explore other aspects of the medium though I am still committed to a strong design.  I moved away from the outlined shape, placing colors next to and on top of each other to create more complex shapes.  I then began to use inclusions and enamels to add depth and detail in the glass.  It seems that there are a never-ending variety of methods and materials to learn about and use in communicating with glass.  The process and sense of discovery in the medium is what pulls me into the studio every day.  I have found that exploring new ways to communicate in glass makes each day more exciting that the last.  Every piece presents a new challenge and what emerges from the kiln is always a mixture of the expected and the unexpected.

I go to my studio, or to that part of my ind that creates, and find a peace and joy that I can find in no other place.

Nancy Oudgeest Tower I fused glass European tower made of glass

Tower I, with attached vase, $125

Nancy Oudegeest fused glass figure with mountain scene

Asian Lady, includes stand, $350