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Michael Dwaileebe

I became interested in art in my mid thirties.  I had the good fortune to study color and design with Aileen Worthley, a retired teacher artist.  She interested me in screen printing, and in time introduced me to Guy Maccoy, one of the founders of the art form.  I studied screen printing and design with Guy Maccoy at his studio and was allowed to monitor his classes at the Los Angeles County Institute of Art.Michael Dwaileebe Half Dome Yosemite mountains waterfall impressionist landscapeMichael Dwaileebe Sedona AZ landscape impressionist gully rocks trees

My work was shown in Print Galleries in Costa Mesa, Laguna Beach, and the Newport Beach area.  Fidelity Arts in Los Angeles published editions of my prints relating to southwestern deserts,  but I soon found I could not make a living in art.

I returned to my family trade of painting houses and began to slowly go nuts.

Fortunately I discovered Decorative Painting and took all available training at the Day Studio Workshop in San Francisco.  I was thus enabled to have a satisfying career painting wonderful things in people’s homes, including murals, trompe L’oeil, wall treatments, metal leafing, one of a kind furniture and cabinet finishes.  I retired at the age of 65.Michael Dwaileebe Sedona AZ landscape acrylic rocks impressionist

I became involved with the Central Sierra Arts Council in Sonora, California, and began to paint in oils.  My work was shown in the George W. Post Gallery and currently seen at the Ventana Gallery in Sonora.

I met Jeannette Le Grue and through her workshops became interested in plein air painting and the rest, “as they say”, lies in the future.