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Lorraine Nilson


Lorraine has been doing photography for twenty plus years.  She started at Modesto Jr. College.  She worked in the darkroom making black & white prints from her 35mm camera.  As the classes progressed the cameras got bigger and the prints got better.

Keeping with the times she started taking photoshop classes and workshops.  Slowly she moved from the darkroom to the computer, then from film to digital cameras.  Now she only uses film for her long exposure night images.

Lorraine does both black & white and color photography.  she also loves to play with her images.  She has done hand coloring, photo scans, and has colorized black & white images in photoshop.  For the past 18 years she has had an image in the “Alternative” category at the Sonora IN FOCUS show.

She does all phases of her work, from setting up the shot to printing and framing.  She taught basic photoshop classes for two years.


Lorraine Nilsen, Black Oaks, black & white photograph, nature, landscape, snow scene, digital photograph

Black Oaks

Lorraine Nilsen, Golden Gate Bridge, digital photograph, San Francisco, CA, fog

Golden Gate Bridge

Lorraine Nilsen, Maple Leaf, photo scan, flora, leaves
Maple Leaf
Lorraine Nilsen, Pea Pod, photo scan of pea pod, digital photography

Pea Pod

Lorraine Nilsen, John, black & white portrait, photograph