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Kathleen and Richard Imlach

Richard and Kathleen Imlach metal sculpture, abstract metal sculpture The Imlach’s are metal sculptors who combine the timeless art of blacksmithing with modern metal fabricating technology. Wildly creative, the Imlach’s bring metal to life in familiar images of people, animals, and other creatures. Their pieces are collaborative works that many times get their inspiration from found metal objects. These refound metals often become key focal points in their work. The Imlach’s also produce architectural pieces such as railings, gates, furniture, and fireplace screens and take custom orders. They have studied blacksmithing and metalworking throughout California and New Mexico.

Richard and Kathleen Imlach Tread Lightly metal sculpture, figurative

Tread Lightly, $800

Richard and Kathleen Imlach Rita Meter Maid metal sculpture, figure, whimsical sculpture life size

Rita Meter Maid, $1450