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Geneva Davis

Geneva’s creative art journey began over 30 years ago.  Studying a variety of techniques and mediums has led to a body of work of great diversity.  Her work may be characterized as realism to impressionism, but as variety of subject matter a distinctive style has evolved which can vary depending on the subject matter and medium.

This variety of subjects has included figures, animals, birds, rich and lively florals and gardens that evoke color and mood.  These might be considered to be signature work whether in oils, watercolors or pastels.  Others might consider the sentimental renderings of children to romantic figures the most moving to the imagination.

geneva davis pastel horses running

Hey, Wait for Me

geneva davis watercolor daffodil flower floral

Celebration of Spring

In any case, the journey continues and might include almost any subject, but be assured it will have warmth and emotion.  She has won numerous awards, most recently at Ironstone Vineyard’s Spring Obsession Art Show.

Geneva was born in Texas, but moved to California in her teens.  she currently lives in Sonora in the Phoenix Lake area.  She most recently married and also has a home in Reno, Nevada.