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Dennis Garcia

“What a long, strange, trip it has been”  (bumper sticker, 1996) Dennis Garcia abstract non-objective non-representational stretched canvas hard-edge influenced by Karl Benjamin

Dennis Garcia acrylic on paper abstract hard-edge non-objective non-representational influenced by Karl Benjamin

Acrylic on paper, matted and framed, $625

I have been painting for well over forty years.  In those forty plus years I have been touched by many other artists whose work has influenced me in some way.  When I look at works by Leonardo Da Vinci I see the perspectives he dealt with in some mysterious way, when I look at a Degas I see the softness and ethereal atmosphere of his colors, and when I look at the crisp edges and overlapping shapes by Karl Benjamin you get what I have produced in my current work translated through my fascination with the geometry of space and the structural landscape of architecture. In my earlier years growing up just on the outer edge of the city of Los Angeles (East L.A.) I grew accustomed to observing high rises going on that were being constructed in the city.  The empty shells formed by beams and girders, the various floor levels and the lines created by these forms reminded me of windows being viewed from the outside inwardly.  These mysterious structures fascinated me.  I try to imagine the space within the structure as infinite and that one (myself) could fly into and around the various planes created by these levels.  For own personal justification my work is scenographic ethereal play land.

209 588-0297

www.dgabrielgarcia.comDennis Garcia abstract acrylic hard-edge non-objective non-representational influenced by Karl BenjaminDennis Garcia abstract hard-edge influenced by Karl Benjamin non-objective non-representatnional acrylic on canvass unstretched